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  • The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition

    For any of our students requiring improvement in English, Writing Skills, or essay writing, we assign a small portion of William Strunk’s classic Elements of Style. Between middle school and high school, many students we work with have received inadequate or cursory instruction in grammar and usage. Elements is a bit dry for most people’s tastes, but it’s the most efficient book we know of to cover the essentials, and particularly well-suited to ACT English and SAT Writing Skills.

  • Hot Words for the SAT

    There are many SAT vocabulary resources out there, but what we love about Hot Words is that it covers a manageable number of frequently used SAT words and groups those words by theme to facilitate learning them.

  • College Handbook 2015: All New 52nd Edition

    An essential reference featuring complete, up-to-date admissions data for all accredited colleges in the United States, as well as tuition, room & board, estimated living expenses, majors offered, and more. Lists of colleges that require or recommend SAT Subject Tests and data on test scores of the two middle quartiles admitted to each school make this a must-consult.

  • Book of Majors 2015 (College Board Book of Majors)

    A great companion to the College Handbook, the Book of Majors works especially well for those students who’ve decided on specific majors—or a handful of possible majors—and want to narrow down their lists using those majors.

  • New Oxford American Dictionary

    A preferred dictionary among designers of standardized tests—and an excellent lexicon on its own merit—The New Oxford American Dictionary is the dictionary of choice for only a test LLC.